Vita Networking proactive technical support helps you reduce downtime, increase profitability, and turn your technology into a true asset.

Think of us as your outsourced IT department.

A department whose main aims are to optimize your technology infrastructure and provide round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance to keep your employees productive at all times.

Vita Networking Managed IT Services are much more than the usual remote or onsite break/fix style of technical support. We’re business-minded first, technology-minded second, which means we take time to communicate with our customers to truly learn their business operations in order to help make them more productive and, in turn, more profitable. Our aim is to empower our customers; to provide them with the right tools and the right solutions so IT issues are detected and corrected before they affect their bottom line. We do this for small- and medium-sized companies across all business sectors with a proactive monitoring and maintenance plan that frees you from ever having to deal with technology troubles.

Maintenance that Won't Break Your Stride

One of the costliest aspects of breakdowns is the time and productivity lost during equipment failure. Insight's Hot Swap/Spare Program keeps identical equipment on call and our STARS (Service Tracking and Reporting) system inventories and dispatches equipment for rapid replacement when you need IT support service, maintenance or repairs.

Centralized Sources of Repair Expertise

With numerous technology partners and more than twenty years of IT support service, Insight brings a wealth of expertise to systems repair. Our National Repair Center (NRC) supports a wide range of client equipment, including: desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, monitors, printers, scanners, check readers, routers, hubs, and modems. Our Hanover Park (IL) lab is ISO 9001:2008 certified, staffed by technicians who are A+ certified and Tier One Manufacturer Authorized.

Green, Responsible and Documented Disposal

We manage every phase of responsible equipment disposal: pick-up, transport, a DOD-grade wipe of all residual data and an environmentally friendly disposal of all IT assets. Our online portal lets our clients track the disposal process. Single-sourcing of your technology equipment allows for a responsible, knowledgeable handling of all obsolete pieces.

Remarketing and Trade-Ins

Recognizing the need for speed to market, IT equipment is processed and re-marketed immediately upon audit completion. Remarketed hardware is sold on a per unit basis to yield the highest revenue with the equipment either repaired or sold "as is." Insight re-markets and has access to global buyers. Trade-in dollars can be guaranteed to clients for equipment being refreshed.