Vita Networking is constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ IT that will enhance their bottom lines.


Vita Networking is built around Outsourced IT, a superior, cost-saving strategy for medium-sized business and established nonprofit organizations. We’re known for our plain-language approach to the benefits and risks of any IT solution, from deciding on a simple computer purchase, to enterprise-level implementation.

When we started this business back in 2014, we imagined being a technology services firm that left our customers thinking fondly of us as an expert IT solutions provider. And we wanted to be a tangible contributor to their bottom line -- not an incessant financial drain on their business.

We foresaw more regular and more in-depth discussions with customers in order to become a true business partner. And if the rapidly-changing IT landscape has taught us anything, it’s that if we’re not constantly striving to intimately understand our customers’ business requirements, we’ll cease to be the technology leader they ultimately need.

We’re different from other Ontario technical support providers because we’re as focused on your company’s overall success as we are on optimizing your technology. In short, we’re here to make IT work for your business, through communication, innovation, and devoted service touch.